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1312 – 07 December 2013


18 returning members and 4 new members gathered in the Murray Room at the Howe Library in Hanover NH for our first annual Holiday Gathering.  Great people, good food, interesting conversation and a classic film highlighted the meeting.

After partaking of the delicious pot-luck buffet of food, and some informal discussion of books in general and Nevil Shute novels in particular, we settled in to watch the 1942 film The Pied Piper, based on the Nevil Shute novel published that same year, starring Monty Woodley as Howard, a very young Roddy McDowell as Ronnie, Frank Lloyd Wright’s granddaughter, Ann Baxter, as Nicole, and Otto Preminger as Major Diessen.

Barbara Parry took the time to plot out on a large map the journey made by John Sidney Howard across France during the early days of the Second World War as he picked up children along the way.  To see a smaller version, complete with descriptions along the way, refer to the link below.

Pied Piper-Trip Map

For additional information about the meeting, refer to the links below:

Meeting-07 Dec 13

Poster-07 Dec 13





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