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1307 – 06 July 2013


Eighteen enthusiastic Nevil Shute readers attended the July meeting.  Laura Schneider, originally scheduled to lead the discussion, was ill so CJ Smith substituted.  Laura had prepared a detailed list of excellent discussion questions, which CJ edited, printed, collated and forgot to bring.  Through the magic of the internet, we were able to retrieve the questions and the discussion was lively.  See the link below for CJ’s version of the document.

John Anderson from the Nevil Shute Norway Foundation, who lives in England, sent an interesting extract from Parallel Motion, his biography of Nevil Shute, concerning how the ideas for Beyond the Black Stump came to Shute.  It was interesting to see how closely The Regan family in the book resembled the Andersen family that Shute had visited.  See the link below for the extract.

Barbara Parry got up at the crack of dawn to make some of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve tasted in a long time.  She even brought coffee, and ice, so everyone could have hot or cold drinks.  Thanks to Barbara.

Anna Allen brought a new prospective to the discussion as she compared closely the “pre-I89” life in Warner New Hampshire to that of fictional 1950s Hazel Oregon presented in the book.  Once the interstate was completed, life in Warren changed dramatically.  She also was concerned that the Regans didn’t eat much vegetables, even though they had plenty of space to have a garden.  That was an interesting thought that sparked a new line of discussion.

Check out the link below for a tentative schedule of readings for the next twelve month.  If you have any suggestions to do something different, the schedule is always subject to changes for new ideas.  Also if you have anything you would like to have posted on the website, or if you would like to be set-up to contribute your writings to the website, please let us know at nevilshutedartmouth@gmail.com or call CJ Smith at                     603 790 8291.

Announcement- 06 July 2013

Meeting- 06 July 2013

Questions-06 July 13

Extract from Parallel Motion-06 Jul 13

Reading Schedule-2013-2014


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